“We want to understand what you have been writing!”, my classmates told me after sharing a couple of articles in Turkish. So, here I am! This is my first blog post in English. I am hoping this blog in English will be a means for me to share my experiences, get to know wine lovers and create a community around something unique: Wine!

Making wine, learning more about it, and tasting are the activities that wake me up in the morning. Now, I’m also adding “wine writing” to this list.

Wine tasting is very enjoyable, but there are rules around it to respect. First rule is to love what you are doing. Be curious. Be open to understand. This brings the second rule, know. Know how to taste. Know what you are tasting. And the final rule is to experience. The more you experience in the wine world, the more you’ll love and know. This will bring you confidence in your wine tastings. I call this my tasting triangle: love, know and experience.

This blog will be the diary of the wines passing from my tasting triangle. I’m here to experience the wine world and share it with you.



All images © 2015 by Wines of Nesli. All rights reserved.

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