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There are a lot of technical points about food pairing. It’s all about the evaluation of the meal and wine in our palate and the simple facts of how they act when they come together. If we just put apart these facts and rules, I just have a magic secret for food pairing, that works all the time, when I don’t have many time to think about the combination: matching the food and wine which are coming from the same region. If I will cook a nice sea food pasta, I just think about a cold bottle of white italian wine, or if I have some tapas the only thing I can think is a nice bottle of cava. I know, it is not fair all the time, since matching different products from different places can end up with a magical result, but still it is an easy way to save a dinner!

Well, this time I didn’t exactly match the countries but I choose really close countries, I have the wine from Argentina to go with Chilean style empanadas.
Firstly, I would like to give the recipe of empanadas. I made this with minced meat, which is called in Chile “pino”. For this I cooked in the pan, 2 sliced onions and some garlic, after string them for a while with some olive oil, I add half kilo of minced meat and some seasoning. When I left the meat to cool, I started to prepare the dough, I used 1 kg of flour and add 200 grams of butter (you can decrease this amount and compensate it with water as you like) and some white wine. After making a nice and soft dough, I open them by rolling and cut them in small circle shape. So now both meat and the dough are ready, other necessary ingredients to put inside are raisins, olives and boiled eggs. It’s just simple, some meat in the middle, a piece of egg in one side, some raisins and an olive in the other side, finally I close the dough firmly. Before going to the oven, they just need some egg on top and couple of holes with a fork. 20-25 minutes in the oven under 180 ºC, and they are ready and incredibly hot!!!
The wine which I match with this meal is called Clos de los Siete. It is a  really special wine, which is produced by Michel Rolland and his viticulturists/winemarker friends, all from France, in Argentina. It is made from the grapes which are harvested from 7 different vineyards, by choosing the best parcels of this vineyards to obtain the perfect combination. The vineyards are situated in foothills of Andes, Valle del Uco, in Mendoza. Variety is 100% Malbec, from 2012. The price of the bottle, bought in France, is 14.9€. It has 14.5% alcohol.
Before tasting empanadas, I am tasting the wine. It has a nice and dark of sour cherry. In the first nose, the alcohol comes out but after it opens and shows nice red fruit and finally some smoked aromas. In the mouth, I was waiting a more powerfull taste but it suprised me with its soft body and silky tannins. It was short but the aromas were complex with jammy and mature fruits along with spices and some caramel hints.
When I started to drink this wine, along with empanadas, it gets even more enjoyable and they made a really good couple.
Sooo what about some empanadas with pino and a glass of Clos de los Sietes? Yes, please!!!



All images © 2015 by Neslihan IVIT. All rights reserved.

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