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Literally: I am in the other side of the world!

It was how I felt when I was actually crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Despite the difficulties, travelling to a country which is extremely far from yours and which has a completely different culture makes you realize the things better. From the moment that I landed to Chile, I start to observe the things in a more detailed way; I try to figure out the customs, the life styles, the people, the places… Sometimes I felt myself like a spy, who comes to Chile to sneak in the population and watch them living. But apart from this, I came to Chile to work in a winery for the harvest time, which I will be also explaining in my Winey Adventures.


Just before landing Chile

The first week, before starting to work, I had the chance to travel around. I was in Santiago, only for a day. After that I traveled to Papudo, which is a nice destination for summer by the Pacific Ocean. After this small summer holiday, I traveled to Chillán which is in south of Santiago. Finally, I went to Santa Cruz, where the winery that I would be working is located, in Colchagua valley.


In Santiago

The real culture shock started when I actually started to work. I never thought it would be so difficult because I have been travelling to different countries since I was 16 years old and I have actually lived in 3 different countries. But this was really different. Everything was forcing my mind, the realities of lifestyles, different situations… But then, I remembered the words of a really wise person that I met; he was telling that to adapt to a different culture, you should keep your mind open and accept the differences. So, I kept on, to survive and to discover more and more. When I actually started to adapt more, it started being a great experience for me, both personally and professionally. Like all the other nice things in the world, experiences worth more if you share them. So, I will share everything with you.


Winey Adventures in Chile will consist of pure experiences of mine, and of course I will add my point of view but without generalizing the things. I hope you enjoy it and share your opinions with me!



All images © 2016 by Neslihan IVIT. All rights reserved.


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