Most of the time it’s a good idea to match wine and food from the same region or country. However, sometimes we can have surprisingly enjoyable results when we have the courage to bring together unexpected dishes and wines from different countries.

Let’s be courageous and bring together a Swedish dish, smörgåstårta with a Spanish wine, Palomino.  


Smörgåstårta is a Swedish recipe for savoury sandwich cake, it’s original, delicious, and easy to prepare. But not only that, but it also looks very appetizing and pretty.

Ingredients & Preparation

For this recipe, you can use white or rye bread depending on your taste, a mayonnaise base and fillings of your choice. My selection was white sandwich bread for the base; cream cheese and mayonnaise for sauce; smoked salmon, cooked shrimps, surimi and caviar as seafood; avocado, cucumber and corn as vegetables.

The preparation is the same as building a cake for dessert; if you use a cake mold it’ll be even easier to fill. Start with smoked salmon, cream cheese and mayonnaise for sauce, bread slices and continue with all the ingredients until the mold is filled.  Lay out the ingredients from bottom to top, once it’s done turn it upside down and decorate. I used some cucumber slices and corn on the sides and shrimp with caviar on the top. It looks amazing.

Wine Pairing: Palomino

We can describe Palomino in two words as sherry grape, it’s from Andalusia of Spain. Although it’s generally used to make fortified wines in Jerez, it’s possible to find it as dry wine as well. It’s also grown in other regions of Spain and used in white blends.

My wine match for this dish was Antonio Barbadillo, Palomino from Castillo de San Diego, Cadiz, made in vintage 2014. It has light yellow color, aromas of yellow apple, pear and some citrus and it shortly finishes on the palate with medium to low acidity. It made a good pairing of the dish, by accompanying it softly as a background supporter.


Smörgåstårta makes a healthy and good looking lunch, with an enjoyable wine pairing of Palomino.



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