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What is Smörgåstårta?

”Smörgåstårta” is a Swedish recipe for sandwich cake. When I first heard of this recipe, it sounded very original and delicious. But when I actually prepared it, I realized that it is not just delicious but it also looks so pretty. Not very difficult to prepare neither, although you really need time to buy all the necessary ingredients, and of course choose the best wine to pair!


I had no idea how is the original version of this dish but I’ve just chosen the ingredients that I like the most and prepared that way. So, I had white sandwich bread for the base; cream cheese and mayonnaise for sauce; smoked salmon, cooked shrimps, surimi and caviar as seafood; avocado, cucumber and corn as vegetables. That’s it.


I’ve prepared it exactly as I am preparing a cake for dessert; I even put it in an actual cake mold. I put the smoked salmon to the bottom (So when I turn it upside down it would be on top). I put some cream cheese before the bread. In between the bread slides I’ve put a mixture of mayonnaise, surimi and shrimps. I’ve also put some thinly sliced avocado. This went like that  (bread-mixture-avocado-bread…) until I filled the mold. Afterwards, I turned it upside down and started to decorate. This was the most fun part. Finally, I ended up with some cucumber slides and corn grains at the sides and shrimp with caviar on the top. Doesn’t it look amazing?

Wine Pairing

This is a cold dish of seafood, not to be eaten with lemon and got a soft taste thanks to mayonnaise and cream cheese. As I was in Spain when I prepared this dish, I wanted to pair it with a Spanish wine. My choice was Antonio Barbadillo, Palomino Fina 2014 (Castillo de San Diego, Cadiz). This variety, Palomino, is generally used to make fortified wines in Jerez, but this is an example of a dry wine from this variety. It is very simple, could be an option for a light lunch as this one. Aromas of mature apple, pear and some citrus ends up in your mouth with medium-low acidity. Was it the good pairing with the food? Yes, only because it didn’t make the food tired to compete with the wine. The food was the star of the table, wine was just coming behind as a hidden supporter. If it wasn’t this wine, I could pair it with a non-oaked Chardonnay or I would even go with a dry Cava, but then the star of the table would have been changed.


Enjoy it!

One very healthy and good looking lunch! Don’t forget to take a photo of it before you eat, though :)



All images © 2017 by Neslihan IVIT. All rights reserved.

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