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How are you coping with the cold winter, North Hemisphere? Don’t worry, here comes my second suggestion for the cold winter nights!


This is new for me! I’ve never thought to combine these 2 delicious things of life, hot chocolate and red wine! It’s very easy to make and the result is very satisfying for a cold winter night, to drink under the blanket!


  • I put 2 different types of chocolate, one of them is my favorite black chocolate with orange zest and the other is plain black chocolate. You can choose your best chocolate and combine however you like.
  • Milk
  • Half and half (It gives a creamy taste but you can skip this, if you’re on a diet!)
  • Vanilla extract (If you like it, of course)
  • Sugar (or any sweetener)



  • Red wine (I used the same Malbec that was left from mulled wine, but you can choose a wine with aromas of cacao beans, coffee and leather to give a more sophisticated integration.)

What I didn’t put:

  • Cocoa powder: With real chocolate it tasted better but it is easier with cocoa, so you can easily mix the natural cocoa powder with milk and add your wine.
  • Spices: I read that some versions where they make mulled wine and use that for the recipe. Why not?
  • What about going so crazy and add some whipped cream on top? It sounds delicious! And marshmallows on top? Always a good idea!


  • Yes, I did! I add a touch of Baileys! And it gave a special aroma. You can choose any other liquor that you like.



I’ve prepared it for 2 servings:

  • Mix and heat in a sauce pan, the milk, half and half, sugar, vanilla extract and chocolate. Stir and heat it. I measured the milk according to the cups that I will serve. For 2 cups of milk, I’ve used half bar of chocolate and 2 spoons of sugar. You can find your own amounts depending on how sweet you like.
  • Take away from the stove, just before it starts to boil and add the wine and the liquor. (The trick is not to heat the wine together with milk, we don’t want the loose the alcohol and the flavors!)
  • Serve and decorate.



  • I paired with nothing. It is very complete as it is. But if you are hungry, you can just pair with anything that you could pair with normal hot chocolate; cookies, cake etc.


That’s it! Let me know if you prepare it and if you updated the recipes upon your taste! I cannot wait to hear your comments.



All images © 2017 by Neslihan IVIT. All rights reserved.



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