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As we successfully got over ‘What will we eat and drink for the New Year’s Eve?’ occasion, we can pass to the next one: ‘What will we eat and drink for the Valentine’s Day?’. So, let’s cope with this one now!

To me, food is one of the best physical mean to show our love, as Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and affection. A spicy cake just out of the oven, a rich salad full of vitamins, a breakfast with a cup of coffee… As long as they are made thinking the loved ones, they will all taste good and make us feel special and happy. However, for Valentine’s Day, things can get more complicated and go far away from the simplicity as there are many commercial products out there waiting the customers. Some people might want to buy special decoration and have a full spirit of Valentine’s Day, but some might just want to pass it as a normal day. But don’t worry, whether you are Valentine’s fan or not, I have some recommendations of nice dinners for you, to make your loved ones feel your love! Here, I am separating the ideas into 7 different shades, feel free to choose the one that suits you more.

1- ”We are Valentine’s fans and everything should be heart-shaped” shade:

If you are in this shade, don’t worry, you are not alone, I am with you! The best decoration objects for this dinner are: A red (or pink) table cloth, tea light candles, your favorite flowers and napkins with hearts on it. This is the easiest part, and then, we can go more sophisticated with the food; everything supposed to be heart-shaped! For this, I’ve chosen red colored heart-shaped pasta; you can easily find this in most of the supermarkets in this season. As main dish, I’ve prepared some meatballs and made them heart-shaped with the cookie cutters. All these, I’ve put in a long rectangular plate and add some broccolis for making it even healthier (you can skip the veggies if you choose to be unhealthy at least one special night.) As a wine, I could easily choose a white wine if it was a normal night, but this occasion calls for a red or a rosé wine. To me Pinot Noir is the best option for this dinner, with its light and fresh body. Trapiche Pinot Noir from Argentina was my selection.


2- ”We should have Champagne for February 14th” shade:

Let’s have Champagne!!! To be honest, that is how I feel like, not only this day but most of the time! However, pairing Champagne with dinner is not always easy, as we always have a risk to ruin the combination. But if we succeed, it will be very enjoyable. Personally, I generally go with seafood and creamy dishes to be on the safe side. As in this dinner, for entrance I’ve prepared some canapés of salmon. And then, I’ve baked scallops on their shells with some white wine and parmesan cheese. I’ve also grilled some shimps. A lot of varieties, but everything in small portions. I’ve paired these with Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne. A very delicious pairing. (You may add the suitable decorations to the table, if you are also in the first shade.)


3- ”Skip the dinner, just have dessert” shade:

This is a special day, so you deserve to have a nice dessert. If you want to skip the dinner and just have dessert and wine, as much as we want, go for it!  Here some pairings for you:

  • Homemade chocolates with dry fruits & Dom Perignon Champagne
  • Panna cotta cups with raspberries & Martini Brut Spumante
  • Fraisier cake & Sauternes
  • Tiramisu & Henkell Rosé Sparkling wine
  • Cheesecake with red fruit sauce & rose wine
  • Chocolate and pecan pie & Napa Cabernet Sauvignon



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4- ”Cooking? No thanks! But we want to eat something fancy” shade:

You don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen; cutting, cooking, baking etc.  You just want to put some nice looking and delicious food on the table and enjoy it. In this case, you can just have a normal cheese and charcuterie plate as usual. If you think it wouldn’t be fancy enough, you can prepare a sophisticated plate of raw vegetables and smoked salmon. A rosé wine would be your pairing in this case, Whispering Angel can be a good option.


5- ”We just want to have some mulled wine and lots of romantic moments” shade:

Nailed it! I invite you to check my previous article, Let’s drink something warm. The recipe is on me, the romantic moments are on you. Deal?


6- ”We don’t care about Valentine’s Day, we just want to have dinner” shade:

You are overwhelmed with the balloons, teddy bears, hearts, pink and red colors everywhere. You just want to eat a dinner at home, without any of the unnecessary decoration that you will never use rest of the year. Sounds fair! Then you are completely free, cook and pair it with something that you have the mood, enjoy it with the loved ones. In the end, this is what we are supposed to do all the time, isn’t it?


‘I love Valentine’s day” on your left, ”I don’t care about Valentine’s day” on your right.

7-”Valentine’s Day starts from the breakfast” shade:

The breakfast is your favorite meal of the day, so why not celebrating Valentine’s Day on breakfast? Unfortunately, this year it is on a week day and you will probably need to go to work. But if you succeed to wake up early, you can prepare a lovely breakfast. My favorite is the heart-shaped eggs (sorry, but you know that I am from shade 1). If it doesn’t seem to be a good idea to you, just go for a normal breakfast. As I said, all the things that prepared with love, will have the same success to show the affection. Oh, and if you want to pop a sparkling wine, maybe you can replace the celebration to the weekend and have a brunch instead of a sober breakfast. Preparing a mimosa is a perfect idea for the Valentine’s day brunch!


I hope everybody find a shade for themselves. Whatever you eat or drink, be sure that you are enjoying it with the loved ones! Happy Valentine’s to all!



All images © 2017 by Neslihan IVIT. All rights reserved.

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