I was born on a rainy day many years ago, in a hospital room by the bay of Izmir. According to the information that I’ve got from very reliable sources (in other words from my mom), I was very small with nice nails and very long, dark and pretty hair. Since then, I have been trying to look pretty on my birthdays and they are kind of a big deal for me.

I drank my first glass of wine 13 years ago, when we went to Lido Show in Paris with my mom. They served us a glass (or more) of Champagne, I might have been drinking it like a soda, because it made me very tipsy and somehow gave me an unstoppable energy. In the end of the night, my mom had very hard time to make me stop jumping and go to sleep… It is a funny story, but how I actually get more into wine and winemaking is more academically. I’ve studied food engineering, and I’ve spent 1 year in Italy as an exchange student of food technologies, there I’ve taken a class of winemaking. Afterwards, I’ve decided to make my internship in a winery and this interest had started to become a profession to me.

Let me summarize, I was born and I became interested to wine. Is it too short for more than a quarter century? I guess so. To be more precise, a glass of wine, brought me many different tastes to my glass, especially in the last 5 years of my life. When I was celebrating my birthday 4 years ago in Izmir, I had no idea how my world would change with a single wish. When I was celebrating my birthday 3 years ago in Montpellier, I already knew that I made a very good start with a glass of rose champagne. When I was celebrating my birthday 2 years ago in Madrid, I made a toast with a glass of cava and got very excited for the future. When I was celebrating my birthday 1 year ago in Santa Cruz, I felt lucky to be the person who I was (and had one of the best birthday cakes in my life). And this year, when I am celebrating my birthday in Port Williams, I am very happy and I have in my glass the best champagne that I have ever drunk in my life.


You know the cliché phrases about wine and age. ‘You are like the wine; you become better as you age’. I am strictly opposed to that! Mainly because it is not true, you know, not all the wines become better as they age. Some wines are good because they are young, and you don’t have to wait for years to enjoy them. But there is one thing about wine and age that I believe: As I become older, I started to understand more the wine and as I understand more the wine, I also started to understand more the life. Do you know why? Because, I found the chance to know more people, cultures, realities and facts by passing from the bridges that were build by wine. I saw the positives sides of the life as rosé wine from Cotes de Provence. I understood the importance of history as a glass of Grand cru classé from Bordeaux. I saw the dark side of the life as a not well made bottle of wine. I saw the success in life, as the bubbles of Champagne and Cava which try to reach to the top of the glass. I understood that life can be unfair, with underestimated wines which deserve to be treated better.  I saw the power of the innovation as a glass of New World wine. I understood the diversity with a glass of wine which is made with a variety that I’ve never tasted before. I guess, this list can go even longer, but what I actually want to say is, as long as I have the hope to have a good wine under the cork that we are taking out, I will be young and happy.

Oh, by the way, do you have courage enough to ask my age? Here is your answer; I am younger than you think but older than I want to be! So, let me enjoy my champagne and celebrate my mom for giving me birth! Cheers mom, thank you so much!




All images © 2017 by Neslihan IVIT. All rights reserved.

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