I was born on a rainy day many years ago, in a hospital room by the bay of Izmir. My mom says I was pretty with very long and dark hair, and nice nails. Just like a girl out of a hairdresser. Since that day, I have been enjoying looking pretty on my birthdays.

Going back to my sixteenth birthday, when I went to see the Lido Show in Paris with my mom. There, I drank my first glass of Champagne. When they served us the magical bubbly liquid, I was amazed by its elegance in the flute glass, and the bubbles moving around like the dancers of the show. I had no idea these bubbles would be the joy of my professional career.

After taking a step to winemaking professionally, the wine brought many different tastes into my glass, especially in the last five years. When I was celebrating my birthday four years ago in Turkey, I had no idea how my world would change with a single wish. When I was celebrating my birthday three years ago in France, I already knew I made a very good start for the year with a glass of rosé champagne. When I was celebrating my birthday two years ago in Spain, I made a toast with a glass of cava and got very excited for the future. When I was celebrating my birthday one year ago in Chile, I felt lucky to be the person who I was and with the people around me. And this year, when I am celebrating my birthday in Canada, I am happy to celebrate with the best champagne I’ve ever had in my life.


Dom Pérignon 2003

This year, my birthday wine selection is Dom Pérignon from vintage 2003. I chose this bottle, because I wanted my first birthday in Canada to be unforgettable as the after taste of the wine.

This wine is made from an equal blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. These two varieties know and complement each other very well. With the magic of this label and bottle, the tasting was not very objective. I was already in love with the pale gold color and live bubbles it had in the glass. The aromas and flavours increased the emotions, citrus, pear, yellow apple, white peach, toasted bread, brioche, and chalk. The final effect, with the wise selection of pairing with fresh local oysters, was the feeling of “luckiest girl in the world”.



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