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I hope you are hungry again, because we are continuing from right here:


There are many versions of ceviche, since there are many countries that make traditionally the same dish. The version that I ate in Chile was with salmon and shrimps. They are freshly marinated with a lot of lemon juice, onions and coriander. It is one of my favorite seafood dishes; I love the taste of the salmon as it ‘cooks’ with the acidity of the lemon. Perfect pairing with Sauvignon blanc from cold climate or a dry Riesling with prominent acidity.

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Ostiones a la Parmesana

Ostiones are the scallops, cooked with white wine and cheese in the oven. Nothing much I can say about it, I let the photos talk.

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Palta Reina

Another very fresh dish, just an avocado (Palta in Chilean) cut into 2 and inside filled with shrimps and mayonnaise. Decorated with some lettuce and cucumber upon taste. Palta Reina keeps it simple, keeps it delicious.

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A typical plate from Chiloé (an island in Chile), and from there spread to other parts of Chile. It has mainly shellfish, meat and potatoes. There are actually different recipes of potatoes in this dish, like potato balls and potato pancake. I was told that this dish has a really special cooking method, and everything is cooked in a hole, full with hot rocks in the bottom. That is why in Chiloé it is known as ”Curanto al hoyo”. It looks very yummy. I ate it once and would love to repeat the experience if I can!

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Mariscal is the soup of seafood which is generally prepared and eaten in Easter time. In the version that I’ve ate there was fish, shrimps, carrots, onion and potatoes. It was served with pebre, as usual. Absolutely delicious!

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In autumn, when it starts to rain, if you have a Chilean around s(he) would say: ‘This is Sopaipilla weather!’. And it was quite surprising that they were actually checking the weather forecast to see if they would prepare some sopaipillas! It is fried dough, thinly round shaped, and made with pumpkin. I also heard that in the south of Chile the recipe doesn’t have pumpkin, but here they had. I liked sopaipillas, I don’t know if it’s the feeling that created with the atmosphere, but it actually goes very well with a rainy weather!

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Another super tasty dish of corn! In this dish even the leaves of the corn are used! It is a similar corn mash as the one used for the pastel de choclo. But this time they put the corn mash inside the leaves of the corn and tie it. You just eat the mash inside, the leaves are just used as a recipient. It is consumed mostly in summer, served cold and generally with a salad of tomato and onions.


I am sure I am missing a lot of more delicious things, but these were the things that I could taste in 3 months. Chilean cuisine definitely deserves a longer period to be discovered and enjoyed.

Keep some space in your stomach for the upcoming patisserie part!



All images © 2017 by Neslihan IVIT. All rights reserved.





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