Wines of Nesli


Wine smells good. Some wines smell so good that you would like to make a perfume and spray all around. Some people must have thought the same thing and they came out with a better idea: A scented candle that would smell as wine!

Wick & Wine Candle Company has already got it. They designed a natural soy wax candle in a wine bottle, you open it from the middle, and you end up with a candle in one hand and a stem base wine glass in the other! I’ve decided to use my stem base wine glass as a flower holder, there are some other nice ideas in the small booklet which comes together with the candle.

champagne room
You can see more on their instagram page @wickandwinecandleco

Along with my candle in the wine bottle, I also got a sample pack of 10 different scents. I have been trying them in different occasions and took some notes, so that it can help you a bit which one to choose, because choosing one of them is as difficult as choosing a bottle of wine!

Barrel room:  It has a special toasty aroma. I actually tried this along with a cup of coffee, made a good combination.

Cabernet Sauvignon: To me, this is the one with the most romantic smell, reminds me a date night with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon to be shared!

Champagne Room: I’ve chosen this one very innocently, but then I realized it is not innocent at all! To be lighted in special nights…

Chardonnay: I’ve lighted this in the kitchen after cooking some shrimp to be paired with Chardonnay, changed the air in the kitchen from a fishy atmosphere to a winey atmosphere.

Cranberry Pear Bellini: This is new to me, I had only peach Bellini before, but from the aroma of the candle, it made me curious to try.

Mulled Wine: Keep this for winter, and don’t forget that you will always have a recipe here.

Red sangria and white sangria: Call for the summer!

Unlimited Mimosas: Sunday brunch! I cannot think of a better way to have a Sunday brunch with unlimited mimosas lighten up with your candle.

Vineyard breeze: Perfect for the people who lives in big cities and could use a fresh vineyard air in their room.

barrel room

Finally, I have an idea! As some of you might know from my Instagram stories (@winesofnesli), I’ve started to collect the labels of the sparkling wines that I have been drinking. (Only sparklings for now, since it actually takes a lot time and effort.) So, I think it would perfect to have a candle in a wine bottle with the label that you collected before. This way you would keep your favorite wine label, light your candle with wine scent and re-live the memories that you had when you were drinking that wine. I am thinking to do it with the Dom Perignon that I had on my birthday, so that I can always remember the last birthday of my 20s. What do you think? I would be glad to hear your ideas.



All images © 2017 by Nedret Neslihan IVIT. All rights reserved.


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