A milestone for all of us who were born in 1988. We are entering one of the most interesting decades of our lives: Thirties! As far as I have experienced so far, it begins with feeling that you are in your twenties, and who knows how it evolves, we’ll live and witness.

As a new period of life is starting, for this year’s birthday Champagne I chose a bottle of Belle Époque of Perrier-Jouët, vintage 2006.

Belle Époque Perrier-Jouët 2006

belle epoque

A blend of three main grape varieties of Champagne, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier, aged for six years. Aging traditional method sparkling wine is already a difficult process: They are aged in the bottles that will be sold to the customer, that’s why you need to keep them clean and protect them from any scratch. In the case of this bottle, it’s even more difficult as the bottles have a special painting on them. This is what makes this bottle even more special.

Belle Époque 2006 has a pale salmon color, fine bubbles, crisp red fruits, orange blossoms, jasmine and toasted bread. It starts with freshness of red fruits, lingers long, and ends with softness of brioche. It’s a champagne to enjoy a bottle now, and age another one a couple years more.

I wish a Belle Époque to myself and all the birthday folks. Healthy and successful, with the people that we love, good wines, lively bubbles of Champagne, lots of travel and never-ending eagerness to taste and discover new experiences!



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  1. okiewinegirl2015

    Happy Birthday! Your blog is lovely and cheers me immensely! And take it from someone with ten+ years on you, the next decade ahead is an absolutely fabulous time of life. Gets better and better! Cheers!


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