A milestone for all of us who were born in 1988.

It will be very classic but I even don’t know how the time passed in the last 10 years….

Apart from not being completely ready for this new era, I am very positive about myself, my personal life, my career and my future plans… I believe this “new age” will be an absolutely beautiful period of my life. That’s why it was easy to choose my birthday Champagne this year: A bottle of Belle Époque of Perrier-Jouët, vintage 2006. 

belle epoque

I wish a Belle Époque to myself; healthy and successful, with the people that I love (although most of them are far away), making and tasting good wines, lively bubbles of Champagne, lots of travel and never ending eager to taste new places!



All images © 2018 by Neslihan IVIT. All rights reserved.

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  1. okiewinegirl2015

    Happy Birthday! Your blog is lovely and cheers me immensely! And take it from someone with ten+ years on you, the next decade ahead is an absolutely fabulous time of life. Gets better and better! Cheers!


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