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As we ate and drank in Chile, now it is time for desserts! Before we start, I have to admit that I didn’t think that Chile has such a delicious patisserie products. When I tried them, I was surprised and amazed, especially the delicious cakes that they have! So, let’s start!

Dulces de la Ligua

Ligua is a city in Valparaiso region and traditionally famous with its desserts. There are different types of pastries, generally has milk jam (manjar in Chilean, dulce de leche in Spanish) and meringue. Depending on the different ingredients and shapes they have different names; empolvado, alfajores, cachito, paleta… and a lot more that I couldn’t try. They are all very delicious!


 As I mentioned, alfajor is a pastry made with 2 special biscuits and inside there is milk jam with a touch of orange juice. If an alfajor is covered with meringue, it is called chilenito. As I liked them too much, I also baked them at home. It is not very easy to make the perfect dough, but it is definitely worth it.

Birthday Cakes

The cakes were absolutely delicious! They were generally made with milhojas (millefeuille) and raspberries.

I was really lucky to celebrate my birthday in Chile, and I had the best cake ever! My birthday cake was covered with meringue and inside it was full of millefeuille, milk jam and fresh raspberries. It looked so pretty and tasted like dream! It was not heavy like the general birthday cakes that I ate before. This cake was a revolution in my birthday history!


I’ve also tasted other cakes in different occasions. They were all very delicious. The combination of the tastes, cream and fruits were used in a really harmonic way, they made happy both my eyes and my palate!




Flan was one of the desserts that I found on the menu in many restaurants. It is a light option for ending the meal in a sweet way.


Mote con Huesillos

This is more like a drink; it is made with dried peaches cooked with sugar and cinnamon and it is served with husked wheat in the juice. It is a good option in summer, refreshing and nutritious.


 Papayas al jugo

The papaya type that they have in Chile is called Mountain Papaya, which is quite different than a tropical papaya. They consume this as compote, cooking with sugar and in the end you have papayas al jugo, which is a completely fresh, healthy and delicious. Perfect choice of dessert after a meal full of empanadas.


These were the ones that I had the chance to eat, I am sure there are many more delicious desserts that Chile offers!



All images © 2018 by Neslihan IVIT. All rights reserved.

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