BEST OF 2018

Here ending another year… That made me realize that it has been almost 4 years from my very first article on this blog. Time is passing immensely fast and I cannot keep up with it very well – still have material from last years to write a lot of articles! As each year, I promise myself and you that I’ll be spending more time on putting things on “paper”! So, after this promise, I’d like to share with you the bests of this year!

First vineyard visit of the year:

One of the best thing of 2018 was starting the year with summer! First time in my life, I’ve welcomed a new year with summer weather, it was a strange but good feeling. So, the first vineyard visit was when the vines were already have their leaves and grapes on! We have visited the vineyards in Itata Valley of Chile. The ancient vines and breathtaking views from the hills were unforgettable. You can read more about it here.


Best vineyard visit of the year:

To be honest, this category is the one which challenged me the most. This year I’ve visited vineyards from Chile, Spain and Canada. In Chile, as I’ve just mentioned it was Itata Valley. In Spain, I have visited all the denominations of Aragon region; Campo de Borja, Somontano, Carinena and Catalayud. I will definitely write an article about it next year (promise!). But my favorite was the one with the sea view! I have visited Cape Breton, the island of Nova Scotia and welcomed by this incredible view.


Last vineyard visit of the year:

Unlike the first one, this was covered with snow! I have visited the vineyards in Sheffield Mills, Nova Scotia, where the snow started very early this year in November! It was a struggle to walk up to hill but it definitely worth the view!


Best weekend get-away:

My trip to Montreal for couple of days was a real gourmet tour. I love everything that this cosmopolitan city offers. I’ve filled my soul with art and my stomach with good food and wine. In Montreal, it’s possible to find a trace from every culture that comes together.

Best dinner of the year:

I don’t have to think about this, not of this year, this was the best dinner of my life: El Celler de Can Roca. This dinner was just so special to me, since it was a gift from Sherry Wine competition, where my Sherry-food pairing was the winner. For having this dinner, I’ve made my way to Girona. The dinner was beyond my highest expectations. I will be writing about it next year (another promise!).

Favorite white wine of the year:

Albariño was one of the varieties that I was chasing in 2018 and this bottle, Camino de Peregrino from Rias Baixas was a very enjoyable example.


Favorite red wine of the year:

The wine that it found me in the most unexpected place: During the dinner in El Celler de Can Roca, I had the chance to meet Joseph Roca, the sommelier of this great restaurant. When he knew that I was from Turkey, he was so kind to pair the following plate with a wine from Turkey: A blend of Öküzgözü and Boğazkere, two main local red varieties from Kayra winery. This was an unforgettable pairing for me.

Favorite rosé wine of the year:

One of those bottles that take my attention with the bottle, but inside is even better than outside. Côte des Roses of Gérard Bertrand has a rose in the bottom of the bottle, as well as in its elegant aromas. Homemade salmon ceviche was the perfect pairing for this wine.

Favorite sparkling wine of the year:

It has to be my birthday Champagne! Every year, I treat myself with a bottle of Champagne that I’d like to drink it all! This year it was Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque Rosé 2006.


I am happy with 2018, where I achieved most of my goals of travelling, eating and tasting wines. I have many more goals for 2019 and I hope it will the best year ever for all of us!

Happy New Year 2019!



All images © 2018 by Neslihan IVIT. All rights reserved.

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