Years are passing by, and we are growing up… As a red wine cliché, we are only getting better as we age.

Ten years ago, on my twenty-first birthday, I gave myself a special trip to Bratislava, Budapest and Prague as a gift. I had my birthday celebration in a wagon passing through borders in Europe. In my birthday cake, I had only one candle, and wished to be able to travel all around the world one day. Even after years passed, my wish is still sound. I feel that travelling and visiting new places are the best things that I can do for myself. Last year as a birthday gift, I promised myself to visit at least 5 places I haven’t been before. Happy to let you know that I’ve kept my promise. More importantly, I also had a chance to spend time with the people that I love, in the places that I feel belonged. I found a balance between feeling lost in unknown streets and knowing the roads by heart. This is priceless.

To celebrate my birthday this year, I kept the tradition and chose a special Champagne. I started this tradition in 2017 and continued in 2018 as well. I highly recommend creating such a “tradition” with your favourite wine appellation. It adds a special twist to the celebrations and gives you one solid reason to be waiting to get older. 

Krug Grande Cuvée 163ème Édition

This year’s Champagne is Krug Grande Cuvée 163ème Édition. I chose this one, because I knew with this bottle a dream came true. A dream of creating the best, regardless of the changes and obstacles around us. Every year, weather conditions vary creating different conditions for grape growing. When it comes to grape growing every detail counts and has an effect on the grape and wine characteristics. That’s why it’s a difficult task to make consistent wine over the years. Krug achieves this difficult task by their rich collection of wines from each vintage. In this one bottle, there is wine from twelve different years. Even knowing that elevates the appreciation of this Champagne. 


Tasting this Champagne is a real treat! I even get excited as my glass gets filled. At that point I couldn’t decide who is more full of life? Me or the bubbles? Probably me, especially after smelling and tasting the orange blossoms, lemons, almond, cinnamon and brioche all in one sniff and sip. Each layer of flavour comes from painstaking blending of different vintages and adds complexity of this wine.

For the food pairing, I prepared homemade cannelloni with lobster and ricotta filling and served with lemon cream sauce. This is the pleasure everybody deserves for their birthday.



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