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Good morning Montreal! Wouldn’t you agree if I say breakfast is the best meal of the day? I think it definitely is, there’s nothing better than starting the day with a good breakfast. I generally like to have my breakfast home, and make sure that I have full stomach before heading to the new day ahead. Therefore, as you can understand, I have very hard standards for the breakfast. In that sense Montreal is a perfect place where I can find any type of breakfast, and brunch. Let’s get this breakfast going!

1. Bar George

Early in the morning, we (me and my couple) were standing in front of the hotel Le Mount Stephen, and trying to figure out where Bar George was… What we didn’t know that we were standing in front of the grand heritage home which was owned by from Sir George Stephen, who was a Scottish-born Canadian business man. This Victorian mansion, now is a national historic site, and serves as a boutique hotel, with Bar George situated inside of it.

After figuring things out, we entered from the huge door of the hotel and the breakfast saloon was right in front of us. On our left, there was glamorous stairs goes to the guest rooms. It was a pleasure to enter to this nostalgic mansion.

Bar George and serves Scottish and British cuisine with Quebecois ingredients. Breakfast menu was quite rich which would make anyone happy. Not sure the reason, maybe we were both very hungry, or we had influenced by the sophisticated atmosphere, ordering George’s full English seemed like the right thing to do. The plates were definitely full, 2 hen’s eggs, beans, grilled tomato, black pudding, bacon, sausage, mushrooms and with some toasts with butter on side. We also had some coffee which was served in a very nice cups. Everything was delicious and I was not hungry until late in the afternoon! I would recommend this place for a classic breakfast at a nostalgic setting.

2. Le Passé Composé

We’ve discovered this amazing place thanks to a Turkish friend whom I met on Instagram more than 2 years ago. He lives in Montreal, and us going back and forth to Montreal, finally we had chance to meet this time and he invited us to have brunch at Le Passé Composé. We had great food and obviously great company, and we are still thankful to him for this revelation – eating duck meat for breakfast!

You should definitely go there to discover how brunch can be so delicious and filling, and to enjoy all the Quebecois ingredients at their best. We had 3 of their plates:

  1. Duck confit poached eggs: Perfectly cooked poached eggs were served on top of butternut squash, with duck confit some parmesan and aged cheddar shavings. Everything is covered with a delicious white Porto sauce and on top they sprinkled some homemade waffle chips and chives. They were some fresh fruits and a pink smoothie as a side dish as well! Absolutely delicious.
  2. Rural poached eggs: From bottom to top, this delicious tower of flavors had parsley pesto spread brioche bread, wild mushrooms and pulled pork and finally poached eggs. A rich porcini sauce and green onions completed the plate.
  3. Foie gras poached eggs: Pan-seared foie-gras was the star of this plate, on top of brioche bread, caramelized onions and poached eggs, with fois gras souce and pancetta chips. This one needed a red wine to go with it, next to your regular morning coffee. That’s definitely why the brunches are for!

The combinations of flavors and presentations were absolutely great. My only and most important recommendation would be waking up early: There was already a line when we arrived on a Sunday at 10 am, and once we were out the line was going longer through the street! Even that would explain how good the food is in there.

3. Crew Collective

This is more than a café. This is the place where you can get your coffee, take your seat and have a place to work. Offering good coffee and food, as well as different types of workspace seemed to me a great idea, especially in our modern world where most of the people enjoys to work as a freelancer.

Unlike most people around us working and studying, we only got our coffees and enjoy the architecture – it is located in the impressive main hall of the original Royal Bank of Canada headquarters built in 1928. High ceilings and detailed decorations were worth seeing – I suggest you to enjoy a cup of coffee, even if you’ll not study or work. If you are considering to make use of this workspace, you should check out different options that Crew Collective Café is offering.

4. Reuben’s Deli & Steakhouse

This place for eating the Montreal-style smoked meat sandwich, I’ve already mentioned you that. But this time, I am also suggesting this place for breakfast. I am not sure how many times I’ve been here for breakfast, almost tried all the options in the breakfast menu and all are very enjoyable. I’d list my favorite breakfast selections from the menu as follows:

  1. Bagel Lox: Montreal is obviously famous with their delicious bagel, and this plate gives a great chance to enjoy it. Some slides of smoked salmon goes perfectly well with cream cheese, red onions and capers.
  2. Reuben’s Omelette: A big omelette with famous Montreal Smoked Meat and Emmental Swiss cheese. They serve this with home-style potatoes, which are crunchy and spicy outside, soft and creamy inside.
  3. Smoked meat & Eggs: Instead of the omelette, the same delicious Montreal Smoked Meat comes together with 2 eggs, I generally have them poached but they would cook as you would like.
  4. Two by Four: 2 eggs accompanied by 4 buttermilk pancakes. Pancakes are extremely delicious but they are huge at the same time, make sure you have someone with you to share the 4th pancake.

5. Café Vasco da Gama

Café Vasco da Gama is a Portugese café which serves very good options for breakfast and brunch. I had chance to try their omelettes, my favourite is Mediterranean, it has cherry tomatoes, red onions, olives, feta cheese and oregano, both smells and tastes delicious. The best part of this brunch is to complement this plate with a glass of Mimosa, which is prepared in front of us at the bar with a Portuguese rosé sparkling wine with freshly squeezed orange juice. Starting the day with a good mimosa like this always spoils me and makes me happy.

After that, the brunch continues! Because as being a Portuguese café, obviously they are making the classic “pasteis de nata”. Last time, I’ve also tried the almond croissant, it was so good. To go with that, I have one of their Italian coffees – their cappuccino and caffe latte comes in both small and big sizes, big size has enough coffee for an extensive Sunday mood.

6.  Maison Christian Faure

“Going there once definitely was not enough… There were so many things that I’d like to try and unfortunately only one stomach!” Those were my words last time I’ve visited there, and I still haven’t changed my mind. This is the patisserie where renowned French chef Christian Faure is baking all types of classic French pastries with a twist. I honestly would recommend this place not only for breakfast but whenever you feel like it, but for breakfast there are many options.

When I want a classic French breakfast, I would definitely go with and a chocolate croissant, here they have a really nice shape, as you can get some chocolate in every single bite of your croissant. This goes extremely well with a cup of caffe latte. I would also choose any of their small 1 portion cakes to begin my day, last time I’ve tried the flan Parisien, Tahiti and the new cake with coffee, all would be great options for breakfast. Finally, the good news is you can enjoy a brunch at the Old Port location, on the weekends.

Here were my 6 breakfast and brunch suggestions for the breakfast lovers as myself! I wish everyone happy and delicious breakfasts with loved ones.



All images © 2019 by Neslihan IVIT. All rights reserved.

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