Winey Adventures in Chile


I was there for the harvest 2016: Caliterra Winery. From center of Santa Cruz (de Chile) after half an hour drive, you can arrive there. You pass from the control in the entrance of the property and drive couple of minutes in the dusty roads; soon you will have to turn your head to the… Continue reading WHY IT IS SPECIAL? – CALITERRA WINERY

Wi.Nes&Food · Winey Adventures in Chile


I hope you are hungry again, because we are continuing from right here: Ceviche There are many versions of ceviche, since there are many countries that make traditionally the same dish. The version that I ate in Chile was with salmon and shrimps. They are freshly marinated with a lot of lemon juice, onions and… Continue reading SAVORS OF CHILE – 2

Wi.Nes&Food · Winey Adventures in Chile


I am not going to talk too much; we are hungry and we want to eat some Chilean food. So let’s start! Pastel de Choclo My favourite Chilean dish is “Pastel de choclo”. It is made with a base of corn and inside you have different types of meat, raisins, olives, onion and boiled egg… Continue reading SAVORS OF CHILE

Winey Adventures in Chile


There is a saying which is told to the people who comes back from a trip: “Keep the things that you ate and drank as a secret; just tell us what you saw.” Well, I will do the opposite! I have been eating and drinking really delicious and different things in Chile and I will start… Continue reading DISCOVERING THE BASICS

Winey Adventures in Chile


I have never seen so many wine festivals successively! In Chile, when the grape harvest season starts, every single city makes its own wine festival, for celebrating the commencing of the vintage, it is called “Fiesta de la Vendimia” in Spanish; the harvest festival. In every harvest festival, depending on the town that is held, there… Continue reading FIESTA DE LA VENDIMIA

Winey Adventures in Chile


Literally: I am in the other side of the world! It was how I felt when I was actually crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Despite the difficulties, travelling to a country which is extremely far from yours and which has a completely different culture makes you realize the things better. From the moment that I landed… Continue reading BIENVENIDOS A CHILE!

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After my graduation from Master in Science in Enology and Viticulture, I have been discovering different wine regions of the world, by actually working there. My first stop was France, Haut-Medoc. My second stop was Chile, Colchagua Valley. And finally, my third and current stop is USA, Napa Valley. Of course, the wines and the… Continue reading VIN VINO WINE