New in Nova Scotia · Vineyard Life


Nova Scotia, as one of the cool climate viticulture regions, has the seasons later than the other wine regions in general. Most of the vineyards were covered with snow until end of March this year. The budburst started in the middle of May. And this week veraison is on the way for most of the… Continue reading VERAISON IN NOVA SCOTIA

New in Nova Scotia


Do you know what the best part of the wine world is, to me? There is always something that comes out, and shows you exactly the opposite of what you believed or what you’ve told. I know from couple of viticulture books that hybrid grapes don’t have enough quality to make good wines; that is… Continue reading LEARNING FROM A GRAPE VARIETY

New in Nova Scotia


Moving to Nova Scotia in December, after staying 10 days in Los Angeles with 18 – 20 oC (64 – 68 oF), was not the warmest thing I’ve made so far in my life. But I did. I was welcomed with a nice snow storm and I had my first shoveling experience, just 2 days after… Continue reading NEW IN NOVA SCOTIA